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About Little Worlds Studio
Founded in 2004, Little Worlds Studio is an independent videogame developer and Indie publisher. In 9 years, the studio has developed over 60 games on Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, etc. for clients like Ubisoft, Anuman or Atari. The studio is specialized in work-for-hire projects.

Little Worlds Studio Team

• Social games
• Casual games
• Serious games
• Multiplayer games
• Freemium and Free-to-Play games

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Highlights of the Studio

• 2006 – Adaptation of “Tomb Raider” (Interactive DVD)
• 2007 – Adaptation of “Tiger Woods” (Interactive DVD)
• 2008 – “Imagine Interior Designer” (Nintendo DS): over 1 Million units sold by Ubisoft
• 2009 – “Where is my Phone?” (iPhone): 270,000 units sold – Nominated ‘Best iPhone Entertainment app of 2010’ by Apple
• 2011 – “DJ World Studio” (iPad): Nominated ‘Best iPad music app of 2011’ by Apple
• 2012 – “Color Cross Online” (Facebook): 100,000 MAU and 20,000 DAU. Rated 4/5 by Facebook players. With Asynchronous and Synchronous multiplayer mode.
• 2012 – Revival of “North VS South – The Bluecoats” PC / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad / Facebook
• 2013 – Critical consensus for the “Monument Builders” collection of 3 titles PC / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad distributed by Big Fish Games, the worldwide leader on casual games.

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With 9 years of game development, we have a huge expertise on many programming languages, SDK, middlewares and platforms.
We master languages like C/C++, C#, Haxe, PHP, XML, Objective-C, etc.
We already used those middlewares: Unreal Engine, Phyre Engine and Unity3D
We released titles on PC, Mac, Web, Flash, Android, Facebook, DS, iPhone, iPad.
Currently, we are mainly using Unity3D, a middleware to create 2D and 3D games on multiple platforms.
We have experience integrating 3rd party SDK in projects, like Flurry, Paypal, Facebook Credits, iOS in-app purchase, Matomy, iAd, AdMob, Google Analytics, etc.
For multiplayer servers, we usually use C++, Neko, or Unity3D servers. We can do real-time or asynchronous multiplayer games.
We have a high expertise in Unity3D as we have been developing with it for 2 years, with 10 titles already released:

• “The Bluecoats – North VS South” PC / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad / Facebook
• “Monument Builder: Tour Eiffel” PC / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad
• “Monument Builders: Titanic” PC / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad
• “Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty” PC / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad
• “Monument Builders: Notre-Dame” PC / Mac / iPhone / iPad
• “Crazy Cars” PC / Mac / Android / iPhone / iPad
• “Moto Racer” iPhone / iPad
• “Touch3D” iPad (Serious Game)
• “Clock Therapy” PC / Mac (Serious Game)
• “My Logistics” PC / Web (Serious Game)

Little Worlds Studio  Technologies


Social Denomination : Little Worlds Studio SARL - Editorial Director : David Chomard
Register of Trade and companies Lyon # 452 180 003 - Registered Head Office : 38 rue Professeur Florence - 69003 LYON - FRANCE